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    Default Water Pump not Pumping and nothing attaching it to the shaft???

    Been awhile I've been out of the boating scene. I have a 198? Johnson Sea horse 20hp. I removed the bottom end because I was getting no water pumping through the motor. The impeller looked ok but I thought it was a little big for the housing and there's nothing tying it into the shaft. The shaft has a flat spot that I have no idea how that works and the impeller has a slot to insert a key but no keyway on the shaft just the flat spot. Can someone explain what's going on here. I plan to buy a new impeller just in case but how in the heck does it rotate with the shaft. Thanks.

    PS Just bought a 2006 Legend All Sport so I'll be back into this site.

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    Default Re: Water Pump not Pumping and nothing attaching it to the shaft???

    Buy the new impeller kit and you will get the key that drives the impeller.

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