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    Default 1993 40hp 2 stroke force won't stay running

    I have a 1993 force 40hp 2 stroke outboard motor that I can get started but will eventually stop running. Is this something to do with the fuel intake? I bought a new fuel pump in hopes that this is the issue. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: 1993 40hp 2 stroke force won't stay running

    Built in tank? Vent hose clogged?
    6 gal.? vent open?
    Squeezie has a one way valve that can go bad?
    Does the squeezie get hard when you pump it up?
    Yes? then the pump is probably good, rebuild it anyway(just in case).
    No? then the diaphragm is possibly bad,rebuild it anyway.
    The carb, the needle/ seat is sticking, clean carb.
    The hoses, they can delaminate / melt. They turn soft and mushy and collapse when the pump draws fuel.
    The inline connectors, they have rubber in them and it can go bad allowing it to suck air, replace or remove.
    Possibly overheating?? test the overheat system.
    I use a temp gun.$20 amazon/ .

    Test: key on, ground the orange lead at the buss bar.
    It should sound off.

    There might be more but this should keep you busy for a while
    Do the last thing first!
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