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    Default Teflon flax packing

    I repacked my 1 3/8" shaft packing with the white Teflon impregnated packing and used the Syntax grease. I did this while in my slip. I have the tounament type gland with two 9/16" nuts that you tighten instead of the one big gland nut. I'm a little concerned as I don"t have a significant amount of dripping...I just installed the packing with no tension on the nuts but no drips. Its running warm but I can still keep my hand on the yoke. Is this normal with this Teflon flax packing or should I be concerned?

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    Default Re: Teflon flax packing

    The "flax" is probably ok....I'd suspect the grease is slowing things down as far as the drip goes.....

    I'd suggest taking the boat out and put 10 minutes on it.....and see if the grease thins out.....if may take a while....as long as it doesn't get hot, you should be ok.....when we switched to the Buck 'dripless packing' it behaved in a similar manner.

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    Default Re: Teflon flax packing

    Ok... Thanks Mark!

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