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    Default Mercury Year Unknown -- Serial 7097753

    I bought a second hand boat with a Mercury 500 50hp 4 cylinder engine. The serial number is 7097753.
    I think it is a 1985, but not sure. I'd like to learn more about this engine, but not sure of the medel year.
    Any help appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Mercury Year Unknown -- Serial 7097753

    Can't really help with the year but here is the parts diagram for your engine http://www.marineengine.com/parts/me...ru-7143687-can .The year is somewhere between '76 and '80.Closer to '76

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    Default Re: Mercury Year Unknown -- Serial 7097753

    Thanks - I looked on the chart for a 50hp two stroke 4 cyl... I'm not sure how you came up the year range. The engine is running great, and seems to have the power I would expect. Any other ideas on identifying the year would be helpful. I wonder if was made outside the US...
    I just looked at the link you sent -- thanks again. Given the amount of unavailable parts, I agree with the range of years you gave. I appreciate your help.
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    Default Re: Mercury Year Unknown -- Serial 7097753

    That's a Canadian Serial Number EH!

    The Canuck records (motor was built in Mississauga, Ontario - might still be visible on the sticker somewhere) are a little "spotty" but I make that to be (probably) a 1977.

    Since all the on-line parts look-up's tend to be geared to US serials you can use 4576237 which would be (mechanically) the US equivalent.

    Merc's were also made in Australia (serial starts with an 8) and Belgium (serial starts with a 9) as well as the "7"/Canadian Models...

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