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    Default 4.3 OMC bogs on accelleration

    1989 4.3 omc cobra bogs out upon acceleration. Replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, points and condenser, coil, water fuel separator, rotar, rebuilt carburetor, checked timing. Any ideas what else could be causing the problem?

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    Default Re: 4.3 OMC bogs on accelleration

    Ayuh,.... Probably poor fuel flow,....

    Could be the tank, or the fuel in it,....

    What was in the fuel filter ya took off,..??
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Default Re: 4.3 OMC bogs on accelleration

    I had similar problems. I put in some sea foam (fuel conditioner) and a new battery and it was happy.
    Even premium fuel will separate after a couple weeks.

    The problem I think I was having was that the altnator wasn't grounded properly and was sucking the juice out of the battery and just barley giving enough spark at a high load of throttle.

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