I have what i believe is a 1995 200 HP 3.0 Fingerport motor. In looking up information online, I found what I believe is the model number (200STLE). I don't know where to look on the motor for further identification. I have a number of questions that I will list here for anyone to help. I am moderately handy with motors, but not a grease monkey and could use some help. I intend to "get into this thing"when little things go wrong, so this forum will become my new encyclopedia. I anyone remembers those.
1. Help identify my motor.
2. Replaced tach with new, but reads, jumps, dies, then reads again. Possible loose wire/connection? Bad regulator/rectifier?
3. What RPM is safe on a 22 year old motor like mine? I have 25 4 blade i want to switch out to a 3 blade raker. I have a 20' Bumble Bee with a manual jack plate.

Any help is appreciated.