Hello all:

carb choices for aging chrysler 360's

I know this has been asked and answered several times. I'm frustrated with my current 360's and the quadrajets, I've rebuilt them and I'm still getting poor results, erratic idle, some days rich some days lean. Just cant get both engines to run the same, one engine seems to burn much more fuel than the other.

I want an alternative.

i'm looking at the holley 4175 marine. like this because its a spread bore like the quads and I dont really have the height to add an adapter plate. At $600 clams a piece I want them to work better than the quads.

The other choice is the edelbrock 1409's. Again a square bore to spread bore plate is recommended, can someone confirm that its "required". A bit cheaper but the height might be an issue, unless i can forego the adapter.

both carbs require me to setup electric chokes but this is not an issue. would be better in the long run anyway.

final choice is to have the quads done by a professional shop and have them done front to back including re-bush the throttle shafts.

Has anyone done the swaps i'm thinking of, if so what did you run into as far as plumbing or fitting the throttle cables.