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    Default 40hp force red stator no spark

    no spark on force 40hp. red stator with stator adapter box. disconnected black/yellow wire no spark. Disconnected yellow wires to rectifier no spark. 668 ohms between white and green stator wires. no reading from either green/white wire from stator to ground. blue wire from stator adapter box to ground no reading on meter. trigger ohmed out good. any checks on the key switch side? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: 40hp force red stator no spark

    A stator can read good and still be bad?
    CDI Ignition contact them.
    They can help.

    Always include model and year.
    Some years had a fuse under the dash that could blow and cause a no spark.

    Disconnect the black/yellow kill wire AT THE PACK and retest. If the engine’s ignition fires now, the kill circuit has a fault-possibly the keyswitch, harness or shift switch.
    Disconnect the yellow wires from the stator to the rectifier and retest. If the engine fires, replace the rectifier.
    Check the cranking RPM. A cranking speed less than 250-RPM will not allow the system to fire properly.
    Check the stator resistance and DVA output as given below

    Motors with Red Stator
    Read To
    Wire/ White/Green
    read to/ Green/White
    Resistance/ 500-700
    DVA/ 180V or more
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