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    Default Sea King 60 HP V-4

    Hello all-
    I am new to the forum. Thank you in advance for all of your input. I recently purchased a 1959 Seaswirl with what I was told is a 1960 Sea King 60 HP outboard.
    serial #26X852012; Model #GG187468 (the 8 at the end of the model # may be a B). It is definitely a 60HP as the engine cover clearly says "sixty".
    Initial research leads me to believe this might be a 1962 model since the serial number starts with a 26. I understand that is really an OMC motor that was built in the old OMC factory in Galesburg.
    A couple of questions for you old outboard experts:

    1. What year is the engine?

    2. Is there an Evinrude or Johnson model number that I can use to search for and find the correct parts to work on the engine? I can't seem to find any 60 HP Johnson or Evinrude models from 1958 to 1962, only 40, 50, and 75 HP models. Very confusing.

    3. Proper 2 stroke oil and mix. I was given with the engine 6 quarts of old Valvoline TCW (not TCW-II or TCW- III) oil. Should I use it or dispose of it? I understand that the originally recommended mix was 24:1. Should I stick with that if using the old oil? What is proper mix if I have to use new TCW-III oil?? Can you even still obtain "old-style" TCW oil?

    Thanks so much,

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    Try a 1964 / 1966 OMC 60 hp for the parts.----Run 24:1 if you want it to outlast you.----Not confusing at all if you know !

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    Default Re: Sea King 60 HP V-4

    Use the tcw-3 in the motor at a 24:1 mix like racer said and happy boating.

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