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    Default How to adjust VRO Oil flow rate?

    My 1989 Evinrude seems to be going through a lot more oil than advertised: should be a small amount per 6 gal tank. We are going through more. Engine smokes. Is there a way to adjust the flow rate of the oil?

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    Default Re: How to adjust VRO Oil flow rate?

    there is no adjustment on the vro, it either works good or goes bad.
    it cost a fortune for a new one, and nobody repairs them, they are total crap.

    get a new but old style fuel pump, you wont regret it. you always know the motor is being lubricated correctly if e pre-mix is in the tank.

    I would never ever trust vro on any engine, it realy is a killer.
    the old style pump was around forever and was ultra reliable.....

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    Default Re: How to adjust VRO Oil flow rate?

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