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    Default Counter Rotating Chevy 305

    I need to replace the crankshaft pulley and possibly the harmnic balancer on my counter rotating Chevy 305 Inboard. Before I bust something, can anyone tell me whether the bolt thread on the crankshaft is right hand or left hand?

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    Default Re: Counter Rotating Chevy 305

    same crank, pulley, and balancer used independent of the rotation......

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    Quote Originally Posted by makomark View Post
    same crank, pulley, and balancer used independent of the rotation......
    Thanks, Just want to make sure the bolt that holds all of that on to the crankshaft is a standard thread. Rightie tightie, leftie loosie.

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    Rightie tightie, leftie loosie.
    Ayuh,.... That is correct,...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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