Hello, gents!

I've got a late 80's 318 in a 22' Maine lobster boat. Boat is used for island transportation early spring thru late fall in downeast Maine. Motor is original to boat, and is tired. This fall, I intend to repower with a 318 reman longblock http://www.cmengines.com/se/marine.aspx What parts should I replace when swapping over to the longblock? Exhaust manifolds are new this year and the risers are bronze, there's a new edelbrock carb, and new hoses. Other than that, we've just replaced things as they've broken. I want this thing to have no questions when it comes to reliability. What else should I replace?

While Le I have the engine out, I plan to do some other work. I'm gonna have the gear checked out/rebuilt. I'm gonna pull the shaft and prop and have that sent out, as well as replace the stuffing box with a drip less setup. Finally, I'd like to address some of the vibration/noise; new engine mounts (can I put soft ones, such as the front on all four corners? My current mounts are bolted to angle iron that is lagged to the stringers). I'm going to rebuild the engine box and insulate that. Anything else I can do to mitigate high frequency vibration at the 3K rpm range?

thanks for your help!