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    Default AQ 131 C carb issues Solex

    I have an aprox. 1989 Aq131C (Solex carb) in a prowler bowrider. It has ran fine for years. This spring I put in some new ignition parts as PM, test started it on earmuffs, started right up and ran like a kitten.

    I took it to the lake to water test, and it was difficult to start. Running poorly, wouldn't idle. It seemed like fuel starvation or bad gas? (it was stored with a full tank of fresh fuel and fuel stabilizer in).

    Back out and to my driveway. I tried it on a remote tank with brand new gas to rule out bad gas, fuel filter, vent, gas tank problems. Still the same. Hard to start, will only run if the accelerator pump is continuously activated or starting fluid is sprayed in carb.

    Tried cleaning/adjusting carb on the engine, no improvement. Pulled carb off (carefully - it's old) and did a maybe 80% disassembly? Some misc crud here and there, but no "smoking gun". Cleaned what I could with carb cleaner and compressed air, re-assembled, and still no change.

    I can see gas coming out the accelerator pump when it is depressed, and I can also see fuel coming out of the jet in the middle of the carb as it runs very roughly.

    Oddly enough even when it seems like I was seeing a lot of gas go down the throat of the carb, when I pulled the plugs they were bone dry?

    I did my due diligence and checked spark compression etc. all good. It definitely seems like a fuel issue. I did put the low speed jet to the factory setting and tried it both ways from there, no real change.

    I have the factory shop manuals.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, there no real good shops up here and parts are hard to come by.

    Thank you!


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    Default Re: AQ 131 C carb issues Solex

    Could it be a timing issue ? - belt has slipped maybe - I had a belt that sheared a roller pin holding the overhead cam and this was put down to not enough lubrication on the cam after reinstalling the head. Not sure if distributors move around if not tightened but this could be a fact too ?

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    Default Re: AQ 131 C carb issues Solex

    Did you set the points with a dwell meter? You want the dwell as close as 62 degrees as possible then set the base timing at 10 degrees BTDC. There are two different idle air needle adjustments depending on the carb you have. The wide tip needle is 2 turns out preadjust and the small screwdriver adjuster is 9 1/2 turns out from lightly seated.
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    Default Re: AQ 131 C carb issues Solex

    I would try taking off the jets on the outside of the carburetor and clean them. Don't just blow it out. Take off the outside jet screw and then the actual jet screws into the holder (two pieces). I had starvation trouble and tried many things before finding there was a wad of gunk on the inside one of my jets.

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