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    Default 1993 NS5B from integrated to external tank

    My 1993 NS5B has an integrated tank that is original and made of metal. The inside is rusting and on occasion, gets into the carb which means I need to disassemble and clean the carb and tank. I'm considering converting to an external tank by doing the following:
    1) Remove fuel rod from front of motor that runs to fuel turn off valve at the tank.
    2) install fuel line adaptor in the hole where fuel rod assembly currently is.
    3) Connect existing fuel line that runs to existing tank to newly installed adaptor.
    4) Purchase external tank, line, bulb, etc and connect as normal with any other external tank.

    Will this work? I have read about some conversions and there may be an issue with not having a fuel pump, but I believe all NS5Bs regardless of internal or external tank have the same carb assembly with fuel pump. Also, from the Nissan part diagrams, it looks like this would work.

    Thanks for for the input.

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    Default Re: 1993 NS5B from integrated to external tank

    Yes, you can convert to external. It would then be a 5BS model. When running with the external tank, it's recommended to install a fuel filter as well. The carbs for the 5B do have a fuel pump, so as long as the external tank isn't 10 feet below the carb, you should be fine. You can also get the newer plastic integral tank. Most 5B motors do not need the fuel reserve of a 3-gallon external tank, and in some cases, that leads to old, stale fuel.
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