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    Default Year Info Needed + MORE !!!!!!

    I'm asking the following questions for a friend (less computer literate than me) ... AND ... I'll probably end up doing even more before HIS project is done !!!! He's got a 9.9 Mercury 2 stroke that he can't match up the serial# to the charts on the web ... I couldn't either ... The # is OG157184 ... Need to know the model year !!!! ... AND ... from there,maybe he can get the correct parts ...

    He bought the unit for a 'GOOD PRICE (?)' but pieces and parts are missing ... It was originally set up for remote steering and control (a harness plug is sticking out of the cowl) ... BUT ... none of that came with the motor ... SO ... now he's wondering if it would be cheaper to get parts to go to standard tiller steer ... OR ... find the replacement parts and return the engine back to console control ...

    I told him 'Stick Steer' with the control box replaced may be an option !!!!

    HELP !!!!! ................. If you also have suggestions for 'good' parts sources it would also be appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Year Info Needed + MORE !!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuptii View Post
    9.9 Mercury 2 stroke OG157184 model year.
    Hi, Well your serial number is coming up as a 1995 MERCURY 15 HP (MH) Model Number 1015201RD which helps confirm to be a 15 HP from new vs a 9.9 as probably marked on the outboard decals ?.

    The parts catalog does cover both engine sizes as noted in the following ( 6/8/SAILMATE 9.9/SAILPOWER 15 H.P ).


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    Default Re: Year Info Needed + MORE !!!!!!

    Thanks for the help !!!! I'll do a little more 'footwork' to see if I can cross reference some part#s on the motor and make more sense out of THAT serial# !!!!!!

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