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    I have a NISSAN NS70C with broken magnets that I have been trying to find a salvage part for with no luck. (See previous thread Flywheel Magnets) I have found out that TOHATSU changed the magneto system after this one was made which further limits parts. . Has anyone ever tried to salvage individual magnets and re-bonding them? Has anyone ever solved this problem other than parting out the engine? If anyone has a flywheel marked either EP6496 or FP6496 with a undamaged magnet I would like to try this.

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    might be an idea to get completely different flywheel for that motor.
    ask on boat racing facts dot com. some race the motors so will know what is best to swap over !!!

    another used one will probably be as bad as yours = dangerous if you go out far on boat and cannot get back safely !!!

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