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    Default Help with 35 HP Force model number/year

    Greetings all,

    Hoping someone can help ID a 35 hp Force I bought recently. The ID sticker is missing. From searching through older threads, I've seen this is a common occurrence. The motor runs great on muffs, but I think I need to at least change the impeller before I put it in the water. I need to get a repair manual, but looks like I need a model number and year of mfg to get the right one.

    1) The lower cowl is aluminium and has "MADE IN USA" followed by a circle with the numbe 90 in the center.

    2) The carb is made in Ireland by Tillotson. There are some identifying letters and numbers on the carb's mounting base. 717061-1 is stamped on one ear. On the other ear is stamped WB-106B-036

    3) The transom bracket has some ID markings. The top number is 2014, ALCOA directly below, 684532 is the third line, with 83-2 on the bottom

    4) On the starboard side of the engine, in front of the fuel pump & filter, the number RW504222 followed by a circle with the number 90 in the center.

    5) The flywheel is marked PRESTOLITE ELECTRICAL DIVISION

    6) The control panel is marked US MARINE

    Thanks for any assistance

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    Default Re: Help with 35 HP Force model number/year

    The circle with the 90 in it is the year.

    The differences are usually small changes.
    It could be as small as a bolt change to change the model#
    The manual, get a factory one if at all possible. E-bay.
    Make sure it's a service manual and not a parts manual.
    Aftermarket manuals cover a lot but aren't specific enough.

    They sell parts here at this site.
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    Default Re: Help with 35 HP Force model number/year


    Thanks very much. I have a Clymer manual on the way and will keep my eyes open for a factory manual.

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