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    Default Flywheel magnets

    I have a '99 NISSAN NS70C (TOHATSU) that I just pulled the flywheel on and found that the magnets are broke and loose. I talked to my local boat shop and they told me no replacement magnets are available, no replacement flywheel assembly is available and they could only advise trading it in on another motor. I wasn't happy with that answer and contacted TOHATSU USA and they said this was common on ALL outboards and added to try and find another flywheel on EBAY.

    My questions are these:

    1. Is this common?

    2. What good is a used part if you have no idea when the adhesive will fail?

    3. Does anyone rebuild flywheels?

    4. Is there anyplace for a part wanted listing?

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    Default Re: Flywheel magnets

    1. Happens with all old outboards.
    2. Used parts are always a crap shoot. Sometimes they are fine.
    3. Not that I know of. The magnet location needs to be very precise.
    4 Several salvage yards advertise on the Internet.
    Buffalo NY USA

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