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    Default 1999 40 hp force

    Hi guys, I have a 1999 40 hp force motor on a 16 foot smoker craft stinger. The motor starts and runs perfect until about 3/4 throttle. After that you can start to hear and feel some hesitation almost like a slight sputter. if i slow back to 3/4 throttle runs absolutely perfect. I took the carb off and blew air through jets and nozzle and replaced it and no change. I never looked to see what jet size was in the carb. I dont have a tach on it to look at rpms either. It does have good compression in both cylinders and new plugs. I will be replacing fuel filter next time out. Could this be the float in carb not being set right? if so how can i check that? what about timing? Also what about fuel pump could it cause symptoms like that. The boat has a built in fuel tank with squeeze bulb in the line. Maybe its time to replace that line but there is no sign of leaks in line anywhere

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    Default Re: 1999 40 hp force

    That could be: dirt in carb, jet clogged, fuel line, fuel filter, inline connector(has rubber in it), squeezie, pump, tank vent hose partially clogged,
    You new to this boat/ motor?
    Did it run ok before?
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