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    Default 318 running hot !! Help !! ??

    We're just about to give up here. We bought a long block from Rapido marine ... REVERSE ROTATION... starboard motor is running hot will get to about 160 170 at dock when running hard (1/2 ton3/4) throttle she'll get to 200+ and slowly climb if we don't back her down.... back off throttle she'll cool down ... new freshwater Bi direction pump new raw water pump heat exchangers were done at rad shop all hoses replaced new thermostats (even tried drilling holes in them) new intake gaskets 50/50 antifreeze swapped heat exchanger didn't. Make a difference good flow through v drive sea cock good new exhaust manifolds they are about 120* when runnin hard good flow out the back of boat . When checked timing with a digital light it's saying we have 17* at idle and 37* total which is a lil high but we were told from a race car guy (someone who drives straight for 10 sec haha) that it still won't make it run that hot but we're going to try and take some timing out of it tonight as people are saying that's not true.... the motor runs strong when asjusting it seems to run worse but other than that we don't know what else to do unless something in the engine is blocked we did flush block best we could with. A garden hose when we had freshwater pump off anything will help please and thank you

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    Default Re: 318 running hot !! Help !! ??

    What happened to fastfred.....??? Sell the Marietta....???

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