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    Default 318 running hot !!! ????? Help!

    Ok we're about to give up here.... bought a long block from Rapido marine and this thing keeps running hot , will get up to 200 degrees if we don't back it off after running for a lil bit . New thermostat (also tried the drill holes trick) new freshwater pump new raw water pump all new hoses heat exchanger was cleaned at radiator shop sea cock good good flow through v drive new intake gaskets new gauge and sender and wire currently we are using a laser heat gun to double check with 50/50 antifreeze we also swapped heat exchanger from port motor ... didn't change a thing ... motor seems to be running like a champ has power and everything ... new carbs (edelbrock) swapped them too no difference .. overflow for rad cap is hooked up ... last thing we're going to do is take some time out of it right now with a digital timing light it's saying it has 17* idle and 37* total (3000rpm) seems like the less you give it the worse it seems to run but ... we were told from a guy that yes it a little too much timing but shouldn't run hot with that amount... which he's a race car guy so he only runs for 10seconds hah so we will be addressing that tonight ...the weights all seem to be working 20* difference between idle and total should be right I believe I've done searches on here and we've checked almost everything on the forums so hopefully this is not a repeat but a thing will help thanks to you all

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    Default Re: 318 running hot !!! ????? Help!

    Ayuh,.... I'd think 10 at idle, but I'm a Chevy guy,....

    Ya changed everything, but have ya pulled hoses, 'n Verified the raw water is flowin' in, 'n out as it should be,..??

    Does the temp gun agree with the dash gauge,..??
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    Default Re: 318 running hot !!! ????? Help!

    Pressure test the system?
    Verify TDC on the balancer?

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    Default Re: 318 running hot !!! ????? Help!

    Set idle at 2.5* before TDC at the FLY-WHEEL , and use a 60% water - 40% antifreeze mix as per Uniflites instructions........Ray

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