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    Default Gray Marine 6 inline approx 1955

    Hello from Germany ,

    we have in our beautiful Chriscraft a 6 cylinder gray marine gas engine . The idl is not working correctly after checking all the common
    more or less likely mistakes I want to check the timing . After taking the engine out of the boat seperating the gearbox the trouble
    startet. There is a part - I cannot identify what connects the crank to the gearbox it looks a little bit like a clutchbasket and sits on the crank or on the crank-cogwheel . The problem is I have to remove this part to see the timing marks .But no way I cannot remove this part from the crank!
    I made a picture but donīt know how to attach ?
    I hope I was able to express the problem with limited english.


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    Default Re: Gray Marine 6 inline approx 1955

    if this is an inboard (so that you have a gear) you are likely referring to the damper (drive) plate....and they usually bolt to the engine's flywheel....

    I would suggest adding a set of timing marks to the front of the crank (vibration damper) if possible...

    link to a v8's damper plate:
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    Default Re: Gray Marine 6 inline approx 1955

    Hi hanno, that gear was heated and pressed on at the factory and trying to remove it should be done by a machine shop. Unless the engine was rebuilt there is no way for the gears to change. Timing is normally checked with a timing light aimed at the flywheel which has degree marks stamped into it. My guess is bad valves or carburetor in need of rebuild.
    Charlie w.

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    Default Re: Gray Marine 6 inline approx 1955

    A couple of things, either the engine is a Chris Craft (Hercules engine converted by Chris Craft), or a Graymarine (Continental engine converted by Graymarine). Either way, I presume this is a flathead six. There are no timing marks, and never were any timing marks. These engines were "power timed", run it in the boat and adjust the distributor for best performance (but not too far advanced).

    The firing order of the engine (all 6 cylinder engines) is 1,5,3,6 2,4. You would turn the engine over until the #1 cylinder is at TDC (Top Dead Center) of the compression stroke and insert the distributor so that the rotor is pointing toward the #1 position on the distributor cap, then turn the distributor a bit so it is firing a bit after TDC. That should get the engine started, then you adjust it from there.
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