I have a 81 Trojan f-32 with a pair of chrysler 360's, since boat has been in the water this year the starboard engine has been having running problems, the ignition is going intermittent, seems like everything I replace fixes problem for a couple hours and then has same problem, it will run fine and then the volt meter and tac starts jumping it will stop or act up on certain rpm' s, first I replaced the ignition coil and that fixed it for about 2 hours and next day out it wouldn't even get past 1200 before faltering, replaced ignition module and found overheated and bad connections on ballist resistor fixed all of it and took it out yesterday and was out for about 2 in a half hours, cruising at 3000 for about an hour then 1200 through navy pier then opened back up to 3000 and idled at 750 along brake wall while my buddies where fishing for about an hour, when to head back to 31st st. Harbor and when I brought rpm s up starboard started faltering again brought it down to 2200 and ran fine at that rpm all the way back pulled into the harbor brought it down to 800 and started faltering and eventually died, brought it in on one motor till I got to my slip started starboard back up and just bearly got it in before dying again, I know it's a bad connection or weird part failure but not sure where else to look if anyone has any advise I would appreciate it.