Not starting. Just bought 66 houseboat with two 318 inboards. Only working on one engine at the moment. Getting it to pop/backfire through carb has actually been a success. Replaced all ignition components. Good spark from each plug. Thinking it is a firing order issue? Have been a little confused by differences between what I've read online and what's in manual. I've tried both firing orders from manual and think I have found the #1 on distribtor, which happens to be 180 degrees opposite from all the images I've seen. Found #1 by putting paper towel in #1 cylinder plug hole and turned engine till it popped out. Marked spot where rotor was pointing and was about where a man made mark had been placed on harmonic balancer lined up with 0 degrees. Tired both firing orders from there. Now from my understanding to get a few things confirmed and avoid confusion. The number one cylinder is furthest forward and on port side. So, far front left if I'm sitting on the outdrive looking at flywheel? And engine rotation is determined by direction of flywheel? The pulleys move clockwise looking at them, so the flywheel would be going counter? If looking at it. And the distrbutor turns clockwise, fyi.

Part of my confusion and need for clarification is the engine plate doesn't dusky anything similar to what manual, forum or online discuss. The plate days model: 318BDL. Type: 339. Serial# 96322

Unless I'm reading the image in manual wrong the cylinder #s change depending on distribtor rotation direction?

Thanks! Appreciate any help!