I have a Wards Sea King 15HP Model number GG 8823A and serial # 06X800082 according to my research this is a 1960 model twin made by Gale for Montgomery wards. I this engine has less then 10 hours on it and was bought new by my late grandpa. He had a problem with it and put it away and never got back to it. I he left this as well as a 1956 Johnson 7.5 and one other I have yet to identify yet to me. I have the 7.5 running and am searching for a preesurized fuel tank and hose setup for it this engine also has very low hours and I'm looking forward to using both of them on my 14ft Valco. I need to be sure of the year for the Sea King as I am oredering impellars and coils for it and a impellar for the Johnson before I go any farther and run them for any time at all.and input will be appreciated thanks guys

Kevin in Oregon