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    Default Dash lights won't work

    I rewired the dash on my 1961 Sabre to get wire colors correct and upgrade the old wiring, but now the gauges lights don't work. I have a strong new battery and power is correct to the light switch, which is a 3-position, push-pull type. I tested with a test light and a DMM. But no lights on any gauge or nav lights with key on and light switch fully pulled out. I put a brand new bulb into one socket, and still no luck. Fuses are in good shape, and engine cranks, so no breaker issues. The neutral safety switch works, but the switch light does not illuminate with the key on and trans in neutral. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Dash lights won't work

    Ayuh,.... Is the dash grounded,..??
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    With my mechanical tachometer, the dash is grounded to the engine through the tach cable. I'll double check that it is firmly seated in the receiver on the engine. The old GE style push-in bulbs use a one-wire crimped connection. I did not solder these in, since they were not soldered at the factory. The gauges are grounded to the tach case. Also, the bilge blower comes on when I pull out it's switch on the dash, and the analog clock works as long as the battery is hooked up.

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    Bondo, got it fixed. I had the spring inside the socket ABOVE the contact instead of BEHIND it! I had to weave the spring on to the wire below the contact, but after that, the connection was made and the bulbs lit up perfectly! Thanks for the help.

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