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    Default Solo h52 marine gear


    I got transmission from solo h52 on my boat, powered by thermo king tk2.53(yanmar 2gm).
    I recently got it built and had a test drive yesterday with it, the gear refuses to reverse at all, what could cause that?

    And it stalls the engine if gear is fully engaged forward, it only works barely via slipping the gear slightly forward. Could it be that I have too big propeller? I recall it being 14x8"

    I also am not aware that what oil and how much there should be in it? It now has 10-40 motor oil in it, about 2liters.

    And does anyone know what gear ratio it might have as it doesn't bear any plates that tell.


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    I got reverse working by tightening the brake band or what ever it is called. I was moving my boat to dock a few hundred meters when a new symptom came, now clutch is slipping... Didn't have the opportunity to try smaller prop, what can I do to fix the gear?

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    Thank you everyone for your invaluable help! I got the clutch working again

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