I've bought myself a second-hand Dell Quay Dory 13 ft.

It appears there are some small leaks in the hull, probably for quite a while, that have caused water to come in.
The boat weights a ton so I expect most foam below the water line has filled with water.
The overall hull seems rather fine. Just a few scratches but no serious holes.

The boat was cheaper than expected (which explains the issues I found..) so I have some money available for restoration work.

I'm planning to
1. Cut the deck and remove and replace the foam.
2. Rework the entire outside of the hull with fiberglass to give it more strength and fix any small leaks. (inc fixing the middle line with the aluminum strip attached)

As I'm new to polyester boats I could use some advice. I did some small fiber patchworks before though.

- What fiberglass fabric do I need? What weight? How many layers? 2 would be enough I guess.

- The biggest question; How many foam do I need, assuming all below deck will be replaced.
I'm planning to use slow expanding 2 component liquid foam.
(Iím afraid fast expanding foams has too much force and could possibly break the polyester?)

Any ideas that can help me to get started with this job??

Will take pictures and post with info of the entire job. I'm sure it will help others.