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    i need help figuring out what year and model this engine is, was told it is a 1990 johnson 90hp. id plate is missing only numbers I could find are on the freeze plug. as follows thanks


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    also I have an issue it seems like the bottom two cylinders aren't firing. the plugs look to be clean and wet when I pull the plug wires from the bottom two cylinders while engine is running I can hear the coils arching off something then as soon as the plug wire is put back on the acring sound stops

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    CD makes this an 86 commercial 100 hp model.--------------Compression test will tell the story.----Likely a problem will quickly be found there.

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    Run it at nite and look for the fireworks?
    It takes a nickle to go first class!
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    ran a compression test this eaving all 4 cylinders are at 90 psi seems low to me but odd that they are all at 90 together ?

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    Also x=extra long shaft, wt=electric commercial tilt+trim, Fire it up in the dark as kim posted
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