I've got an old Martin outboard that I'd love to get running again.

I've had a lot of experience with the two-stroke on my Honda Elite scooter (engine rebuild, much carb cleaning..), but never an outboard (lifelong canoer, ist?).

I wasn't able to find much in the way of discussion about these outboards.

I did however, find a service manual: http://www.joeoutboard.com/resources...dPartsList.pdf

Would anyone be able to help me along with this project? I'll take lots of pictures and do the work suggested, just looking for some direction from someone(s) with experience.

I did get a spark from the old champion j6j (now produced as j6c from what I understand) but just to be safe, I'm off to buy a new one today just in case.

Oil Mixture: 3/4 pint oil per 1 gallon gasoline as pere following link:


I wasn't able to test compression because of the adapter I have not fitting, but it sounds and feels like it's alright, though I'm not sure.

The prop spins straight and fairly easily with each pull.