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    Default hard to shift in neutral when in water

    i recently bought a boat with a 2008 yamaha 200 fourstroke. it was always a little stiff to change in and out of gear when in the water but nothing to bad to deal with. I recently changed the water pump and thermostats then drained the lower unit and refilled it. after doing this i ran it on the hose for about 20 minutes. It shifted amazing clicked rite in forward and reverse it was acting like a new boat. went to the dock and was pulling it off the trailer it clunked into reverse then wouldnt go back in neutral i almost hit another boat i slammed it forward and it thunked into gear and it was extremely stiff and almost impossible to get bback in neutral. if i turn it off and put it in neutral when i started it back up it would stay in neutral untill i moved it again. does anyone have any idea what could be the problem i thought the cable at first but with how well it ran on the hose im lost. thanks in advance

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    Default Re: hard to shift in neutral when in water

    anyone have any ideas on soemthing i could try to narrow this down.

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    Default Re: hard to shift in neutral when in water

    I am having the same problem with my boat. Did you get this figured out? I am looking into replacing the shifting cable.

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    Default Re: hard to shift in neutral when in water

    Our 225 was like that and we finally figured out that it was the shift rod that goes into the lower unit had broken off down in the lower unit.

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    Default Re: hard to shift in neutral when in water

    on the shift rod just under the cap on the lower unit under he oil seal where the shift rod sits going into the lower unit is a spring hat sometimes will fail a twist binding the rod easy to check on it when you drop the lower unit.

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