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    Default Piston corrosion

    I have an SP225 Ford Lehman installed in an Island Gypsy 32. The intercooler corroded and salt water leaked into the engine, causing corrosion on one piston. My mechanic recommends taking the engine out of the boat and replacing the piston. This is a huge job. Has anyone had this job done? Can you offer any advice? What would happen if I left the engine with the corroded piston? I usually operate the engine at 1800 RPM, and I put about 100 hours on the engine each year.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Piston corrosion

    What do the rings look like, Is that piston seized?

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    Default Re: Piston corrosion

    Thanks for replying. The corrosion seems to be at the top of the piston. The engine was running fine before I found the intercooler leak, so it is not seized.

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    Harry, Without seeing the piston it's a tough call, however pitting can cause hot spots and preignition ending in destruction of engine. you will probably find pitted valves in that cylinder also. unusual only one piston, must have been #6?? My advice, send head out for valve job, raise engine enough to drop oil pan,and remove piston and conn. rod.
    Charlie W.

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    Thanks for the advice. It was #6. I have already had the valve changed. My mechanic recommends replacing piston, as you said, for the reason you said. I was just seeking a second opinion. Much appreciated.

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