I have a 2008 Yamaha F40BTLR outboard. I recently could not start the engine and statrted troubleshooting. I went throught the entire ignition system and besides no spark I could only find one problem problem which was with the stator. I made the following measurements on the stator.
1) Charging coil voltage UNLOADED, 290 VDC, spec is 200 VDC, GOOD
2) Charging coil resistance 675 OHMS, spec is 660-710 OMHS, GOOD
3) Charging coil voltage LOADED, 52 VDC, spec is 190 VDC, BAD

I can't find any problems in my wiring or grounds and have tried a different CDI with the same results.

Knowing little about stators, my question is are the measurements showing a bad stator. I would have expected the UNLOADED voltage or especially the resistance to bad if the LOADED volatage is bad.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!