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    Default Temperature alarm on KAD32 but the value on the gauge seems ok

    Hi all,
    i have a 32.5 feet with 2 kad32p. The problem is that the sx engine goes in alarm for hight temperature
    when the rmp is over 2800.
    The temperature gauge shown a value just below 90C see the photo.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I suppose there are 2 sensor (one for the gouge and one for the control pannel):
    Click image for larger version. 

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    In this photo i see the thermostat cover and i suppose the sensor of the gouge.
    The sensor of the alarm i suppose is the follow:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is it correct my assumption?
    What is the right temperature of this engine? Around 90 C is too hight or is ok?

    How can i check what is the problem?

    PS: the temperature at cruise speeds around 22 knots remain stable and not increase. The dx engine 80C and the sx engine 88C

    Many thanks for the help

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    Default Re: Temperature alarm on KAD32 but the value on the gauge seems ok

    We sold our KAD32's a few years back but I think 90 is too hot. I think you are also correct about having both the sender for the gauge and a separate sensor for the alarm. I remember one being in/near the square thermostat housing but cant remember the 2nd ones position. Down near the oil filter is the oil pressure alarm sensor and the Oil pressure gauge sender is the one central on the starboard side of the block.
    I suspect that you do have an issue with the engine running too hot. I think they should run closer to 80 from memory. Maybe ~82. How many hours on the engine and when did you last check or service: the raw water pump impeller, the exhaust elbow, the heat exchanger and the after cooler?
    In case you are not aware, a number of KAD32's came out with low quality piston rings and can need rebuilding after only 2000hrs or so. First sign is usually when you get a lot of oil etc in the breather cans at the back of the engine and need to replace them too often.

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