Hi all,

As per the title I have a 2003 DF140 overheating on me and looking for suggestions. I have removed the lower unit and replaced the impeller, the housing and base plate on the water pump is in good condition . next I put the garden hose on the water tube and the water seems to be flowing fine, replaced thermostat and the pressure valve. The motor is definitely overheating , it will do it on the ear muffs and out on the water ( its not a sensor problem ) . I have since removed the power head and inspected the sandwich plate, all looks fine so last night I removed the cylinder head thinking that there would be corrosion around the water galleries or a blown head gasket but all seems to be OK and there is little corrosion which is amazing . There was a minor blockage at the bottom of no 4 cylinder on the block but I dont believe it was enough to cause the motor to overheat . The motor I believe has history as the power head and cylinder head has been removed in the past by someone else. I think someone has been chasing this problem for a while now .
I dont think i have missed anything but please if anyone has some suggestions let me know.