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    Default Suzuki DF150 4 Stroke Pee Hole Smoke Puffs..No Water

    2007...ran fine last year. No water stream so I changed the impeller today and have the same problem.. I do see puffs of smoke stream out that appear to be "pushed" by the impeller. I pushed weedwacker line about 10 inches up the pee hole before it stopped.

    Any thoughts much appreciated....Thank you

    Scurvy Dog (aka Tom)

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    Default Re: Suzuki DF150 4 Stroke Pee Hole Smoke Puffs..No Water

    Was water tube in mid unit inspected,upper seal? Was water pump housing sealed properly? Pull thermostat housings off,pull stats out, Water should geyser out when running,telling you pump is working correctly, post back with results, Has a compression test been done on cylinders?

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