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    Default Prop, too much RPM

    Hi, I have a 2005 115, 2 stroke saltwater edition. (J115PLSOR)
    it has a Viper prop that I assume is original. 13 7/8" X 19, 13 spline. That prop will easily rev my engine into the 6500 plus range. I am always having to adjust to keep it at 5500 or below, depending on throttle and trim. Will moving to a 21 pitch be enough to drop that down, or should I go to 24 pitch.

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    Default Re: Prop, too much RPM

    Try the 24 pitch.

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    General rule of thumb is 200 rpm per inch of pitch.
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    What type of boat????
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    Hello I havev4her7v77c

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    TRy that again please?

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