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    Hey out there. need some input. I have a 2007 8.1 horizon merc. was experience some clicking while in gear. Marina mech said trans shot, need to replace. Did the work. new trans had same noise. i told them somethings up, pretty rare i would receive a bad new trans. My marina had the merc rep come out and listen. His guess was not trans but timing. Mechanic suggested fuel injectors could need cleaning. i know a little not tons but doesnt seem right. i replaced cool fuel modular. ran boat for some time. no loss in pressure etc. just clicking near trans. any thoughts? thx so much

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    Did they pull the flywheel cover and inspect the Drive Plate? (Couples the trans to the flywheel)

    Assuming you changed the fuel Module because of Paint and corrosion.......You should clean the injectors when you do this.
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