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    Default Possible modified the construction engine into marine engine

    I have a customer owned a fishing boat fleet, he want to replace the old engines on his ships, while to reduce the cost, he want to buy the construction engine from us, and ask us modified the construction engine into marine engine. To avoid any problems happened in the future, we have suggested them buy the original marine engine, but he still insist on purchasing the modified engine.
    The modified engine can be replace the original marine engine ? (We have the ability to modified it, but we just worry if any problem happened in the future, as we are the international business)

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    Default Re: Possible modified the construction engine into marine engine

    The big difference between marine engines and industrial engines is that the same engine block in marine service gets a higher hp rating because water cools the coolant better than air does. Usually the marine version has bigger injectors. You'll still need to find marine heat exchangers for oil and water, a raw water pump, plus a water cooled exhaust manifold. You don't want a radiator for cooling. Most engine rooms don't have enough air circulation to properly cool a diesel.

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    Default Re: Possible modified the construction engine into marine engine

    IDK how things are in china but will the engines pass a coast guard inspection? Are you going to be held liable for any damages and loss of life?
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