I just installed a new Minn Kota Edge 65 from Basspro. I took it out this weekend and it worked great for about an hour. It sat in the water idle for about 20 mins and would not work when I tried to move. I thought it might be a loose wire but it was getting some power. I pulled it up and it would spin slowly out of the water but nothing strong enough to move the boat. I could have stopped it with my hand easily. I have new batteries so I started there. Both read 13V independently and 25.6V together. I checked the breaker and moved down the wire and I have 25.6V at the foot pedal. The wire is brand new 8 gauge wire I installed and has no damage anywhere. I have also checked the prop and it does not have any line around it. Does anyone have any ideas. Basspro said the would exchange it but I don't want to have this problem repeat itself if it is something I am over looking.

Thank you for any advice