I bought a new Minn Kota Edge 65 from Bass pro. I took it out this weekend and it worked great for about an hour. I anchored and fished for about 20 mins and went to move again and the motor would not work. I thought it was a loose wire so I checked all of my connections. When I took it out of the water and turned it on the prop would spin extremely slowly but it would spin. It is a 24V system and the batteries are brand new. I checked the batteries when I got home and both read 13V independently and 25.6V together. I followed the wire through the breaker and to the foot control. Every step of the way it has over 24V going to the foot control. I have also checked and there is no line in the prop. I called Bass Pro and they said they would exchange it but before I drive an hour and take it off of my boat does anyone have any ideas. I am afraid that after I go through all of that it will happen again and be something simple that I am missing.

Thanks for any advice