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    Default MD11C New bearing clearances

    I am rebuilding my MD11C and have purchased Volvo bearings from my local dealer. When I pressed them into their housings and checked the clearances I got a measurement of .0032 inch over nominal size. I have had my crankshaft polished at an automotive machine shop and it came back .001 below nominal size, still within spec., stock is .0005 below. This gives me a total clearance of .0042 inch which is already out of Volvo specifications for this model of engine. The block is normal and took the right amount of pressure to install the shells.

    Is this an acceptable amount of clearance for a rebuilt engine ?

    A bit of background. My first trade was as a shipyard Machinist and I finished my working career as a Marine engineer. My measuring tools are top notch and checked with standards.

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    Default Re: MD11C New bearing clearances

    Interesting. I put two used top shell bearings I had together and got less clearance.

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