I have a '99 Precision40 Flybridge with twin '99 Volvo TAMD74P EDCs with 1250hrs on the clock. They run great but the port engine has had an intermittent fault (error code 27) which puts the engine into limp mode and indicates a problem with the Potentiometer.

Sometimes I can clear it per the instruction manual but sometimes I need to turn off all battery banks before it clears. Some days I can do a 12 hour marlin trip without a problem after clearing, other days it will reoccur every few minutes - frustrating!

I've had the potentiometer changed a few times and the wiring checked (although I still suspect something amiss in the wiring at the gearbox end). Volvo have recently installed the 2006 wiring loom recall upgrade but it made no difference. They are coming again today with their diagnostic gear so fingers crossed.

Has anyone else has this type of problem and been able to resolve?

Thanks, Lincoln