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    Default 2001 pcm restart issue

    • 2001 Sport Nautique by Correct Craft
    • 5.8L PCM GT-40 Multiport Fuel Injected, ford 351
    • BLU/BGE, 21.5 ft long
    • Hull: CTC14085H001
    • Engine serial #: 410231 (PLP PRR12 M 410231 1030630)

      Problem Description:

      • This is difficult to troubleshoot because itrequires running the engine until it gets up to operating temperature and theengine is fully warmed up (with the engine compartment closed).
      • After the boat warms up to normal 160F operatingtemperature, it has problems re-starting if I turn off the engine. This got progressively worse over the past 2yrs, and now it happens every time. Itwill rarely restart, but if it catches will typically sputter out.
      • When the engine is hot, and off, and I try torestart - I noticed that the fuel pump primer relays sometimes intermittentlychatter (chic-chic-chic-chic….chic-chic….chic-chic-chic-chic-chic…) after Ipush the “start” button once to turn the electrical on. This causes the fuel pump to turn on/offintermittently as a result. I then pushthe stop button to stop this action. Wait a bit and usually that condition goes away after its been cooledoff. After cooled off, pushing the“start” button once will allow the fuel pump to turn on for about 4 seconds(which is normal), then pushing the “start” button a second time turns theengine over to run.
      • Commanding more throttle when this situationexists doesn’t seem to help it at all
      • There are times where I pulled the water filter,emptied the gunk out, then re-installed it – it will restart. Probably coincidental because it allows it tocool off.
      • One time I tried to pull the emergency cut-offswitch and it seemed to have an issue with running. It could be that there is a bad contact onthis switch? But after I played aroundwith the switch for a while, it didn’t seem to have an effect. For this reason, Im suspecting that theproblem is more electrical. Possiblywith a sensor or with the engine control module. If you notice, the right dash gauge is notdisplaying (probably just the display LED’s went bad about 5-7 yrs back), maybethat has an effect on it, but likely not.

      • Typically, if I turn off the engine, I raise theengine compartment and wait for it to cool down to below 140F.
      • Once the temperature gauge goes to 140F orbelow, it seems to start back up fine.
      • Cold start has no problems starting at all, infact it starts cold every time with no sputtering.
      • If I keep the engine running, there are noproblems and it keeps running.
      • The engine performs beautifully when itsrunning.

      Whats been tried:

      • Chicago Boat House marine shop tried totroubleshoot. They charged $380 and onlyreplaced the negative cable to the battery, they thought it was fixed but itdidn’t improve any.
      • I replaced both relays shown in picture to theright (12 V HELLA relay 4RD 960 388-31)
      • I replaced the distributor cap, spark plugs,spark plug wires.
      • I measured one of the coolant sensors, and itappeared to have the correct OHM reading when cool and when hot.

      What has not been tried:

      • I have not performed a full engine tune-up sincepurchased
      • The fuel filter has not been replaced
      • I have not measured the fuel pressure or airtemperature sensor.
      • Its not clear if Im losing a ground to the ECM?
      • I have not traced all the grounds because Iassumed that Chicago Boat House did this….

      any ideas, thanks.

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    Default Re: 2001 pcm restart issue

    Hows the oil pressure? The wiring associated with it? Low oil pressure readings "might" disable ignition,An overheated coil will cause this issue,bring a timing light with you and see if there's spark anywhere when the issue reoccurs

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    Default Re: 2001 pcm restart issue

    Heat soak is your problem.

    Find the fuel rail. On the fuel rail is a port to hook up a fuel pressure gauge. Get a good gauge and hook it to the rail, run the boat until hot and the condition appears. On the pressure gauge there is a relief valve. Purge the fuel into a container and see if the engine restarts.
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    Default Re: 2001 pcm restart issue

    I'm with Chris - heat soak most likely culprit....you can also use an IR gun and measure the temps inside the engine compartment as well as the fuel rail temp....PCM specs this as under 105 deg F with the air temp under 150 deg F.

    The pressure gauge will also aid in verifying the electrical connections related to the fuel pump...your descriptions suggests this may be a contributor...

    $380...????how long were they at the boat???

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    Default Re: 2001 pcm restart issue

    In jersey that equates to almost 3 hours of diagnostics in the summer

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