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    Default 5.7 MPI Engine bogging down at 3000RPM

    Last season I encountered a problem with my Marine Power 5.7 MPI engine in my 245 Sea Ray. As I opened the throttle the engine bogged down and even back fired with a light load in the boat. I returned to the dock and called my Mechanic. He arrived and removed the cable from the Throttle Body. The trouble seemed to go away. He suggested that I get connector lube from an Auto Store. I did so and lubed both ends of the cable. All went well for several months. Then the problem returned again. I removed the cables and the trouble left. I am at a loos. The throttle indictor or the throttle body could be at fault. By the way I scanned the trouble codes with my lap top and software. NO CODES. Help!

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    Default Re: 5.7 MPI Engine bogging down at 3000RPM

    If by "cable" you mean the throttle control cable, something is missing in your description.....a 'backfire' usually indicates a lean condition.

    Trouble codes will ONLY appear when the ECU detects an 'out of bounds' condition on a monitored operating parameter & the ECU's don't monitor everything. that said, newer generations monitor more parameters than previous generations.

    Why not check the troubleshoot by symptom section of the factory manual?

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    Default Re: 5.7 MPI Engine bogging down at 3000RPM

    Ayuh,.... Inspect the Contents of the fuel filter for anything but good clean gas,...
    Install a new filter, 'n Try it,...

    Sounds like it's runnin' Lean,...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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