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    Working on a 1985 40HP (J40ELCOB) wondering if the VRO off of a 1990 40HP (TJ40ELESR) will work as a replacement for the 1985 model.
    Oil mix is not a concern, no longer using VRO for oil mix, premixing fuel in tank.
    Dealing with loss of fuel prime. Road has lead to pump losing prime and now looking at replacement options.

    Any input is appreciated.


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    Describe what you mean by " pump loosing prime "-----The bulb on the hose does not stay hard once motor is running and that is normal.

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    The engine will not keep fuel flow. Correct the bulb will not stay hard, engine will run fine until all the fuel is pulled from the bulb. If you keep pumping the bulb it will continue to run fine. Similar if the fuel system was pulling air leak, I have chased all the hoses, pickup, etc. Problem seem to be internal to the fuel pump.

    This VRO pump shows to have 2 kits rebuild kits (fuel side or air side).

    I have a 1990 motor with a bad lower so i just wanted to check if the 1990 VRO would work for the 1985 motor. Replacement VRO is the same for both motors but I just was wondering if it was "forward" compatible.

    Or it there are other ideas where I could be losing fuel flow I open for suggestions.
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