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    I own a Mercury 25HP Big Foot 4 Stroke....the fuel pump is leaking so I ordered a new cover gasket and a new diaphragm. I have some of the Permatex gasoline resistant gasket sealer. Would it be advisable to use on the cover gasket??? If so, should I put the sealer in the cover and then fit the gasket into the sealer or, install the gasket in the cover channels and apply the gasket sealer over around the cover gasket. Also, should/could I use the sealer to hold the diaphragm in place while putting the fuel pump cover back on the assemble?

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    no sealer
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    Lightly surface the covers with 220 grit on a glass table by just pulling it in one direction only. Do not use sealer anywhere on the fuel pump.

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    I did use a dab of grease to hold gasket in place but, the diaphragm and gasket were easy to fit in place and the fuel pump went back together so much easier than I anticipated.....motor is running good and fuel pump is not leaking....Thanks crankbait

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    Happy boating,major dad

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