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    Default prop repair or buy new

    New prop is about twice the price of rebuilding one.Are repaired props good enough and worth saving the money?

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    Default Re: prop repair or buy new

    I sometimes see props with multiple numbers on them.-------Each # is a repair invoice.-----------Props that have been repaired 3 times or more may be risky.-------------If your propshaft is straight and you do not operate in risky / rocky shallow water go for a new prop.---------On the other hand if you are on the bottom a lot then invest in 2 used ones.

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    Default Re: prop repair or buy new

    I am in a very rocky river, but have just had a prop guard welded up.I was told the vibration fom the bent and chipped up prop is hard on the engine.Guy at marina just laughed when he saw mine and said it looked good compared to a lot he sees come in.I had to agree after seeing one on his lot.There are small holes in it from cavitating I assume near the chips and dings.
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    Default Re: prop repair or buy new

    a good prop shop who spe******es in repairs and prop tuning will make it as good as new.
    I not sure then buy a stainless prop, get a good used one an enjoy the benefit of stainless props, they are just so much better than alloy.
    Make it ultra sharp and you can keep the same pitch.

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