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    Question Help! What is the difference in these two props?

    What is the difference between
    Black Max® Mercalloy 3 blade 16x16 RH Part # 16440CP1 and
    Black Max® Mercalloy 3 Blade 16X16 RH Part # 16440A45

    I need to order a new prop but don't want to get the wrong one the first time. Both are recommended by the Merc prop selector, but what is the difference?

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    Default Re: Help! What is the difference in these two props?

    both props will work. the cp1 prop is a aftermarket prop, and the a45 prop is oem merc prop.
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    Default Re: Help! What is the difference in these two props?

    Thanks, Crankbait!
    I think I will stay OEM.

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