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    Default Not really a prop question

    This isn't a prop question but I feel it would fall in the same category. I've been thinking about adding a manual jack plate to my 1998 Triton tr17dc with a 98 Johnson Fast Strike 115. Can a boat that old handle the extra weight of one? The boat and transom are in great shape, just curious of the pros and cons of this.

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    Default Re: Not really a prop question

    First it don't weigh that much and second all Tritons have composite transoms and will hand it fine. A 4" is about all you need any more you may have to lengthen cables
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    Default Re: Not really a prop question

    its not the weight of the jack plate, it is the added leverage that makes the engine a lot more weight.
    should be fine even with a 12 inch plate on that boat with a small v4 motor. seen a few with 200hp plus with jack plates.

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